Monday, November 30, 2009 Kill a Cop, Get a free lawyer, Food, Clothing.... I was saddened yesterday when I heard four police officers were murdered in Washington state. . .Last May, my wife and I were in the Seattle area visiting my daughter and grandkids and happened to take a ferry over to an island off the coast of Washington, just north of Seattle. We walked around a little town and stopped into a coffee shop to buy some local coffee for a friend back home. It was there I ran into four Washington State Troopers and struck up a conversation. My experience has been that all cops are the same, no matter where you encounter them. They are not supermen, just hard working people who think they can make a difference. I would be willing to bet the officers who were gunned down were cut from the same bolt of cloth. When I heard of the shooting, I immediately flashed back to those officers I met in the coffee shop.It appears that I accurately predic
free The first time I wrote about Alstory Simon, then a Milwaukee north sider, was in 1999, right after he confessed to a double murder in Chicago. Simon's shocking admission — not to police but to an investigator working for Northwestern University's Medill Innocence Project — led to the release and pardon of a man on death row for the crime, and ultimately to the death penalty being abolished in Illinois. Two years later, I wrote about Simon again. This time he had reached o Inez Jackson, implicating him for the crime — a claim she recanted on her death bed in 2005 — and another video of a supposed witness to the crime who turned out to be an actor. They coached Simon through a videotaped confession, promising him a light sentence and money from book and movie deals on the case. Simon, admittedly on a three-day crack cocaine bender, struggled to understand what was going on. Perhaps worst of all, they hooked up Simon with a free lawyer to represent
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lawyers and the media played a big role--but what led him to break so definitively with the bipartisan pro-execution consensus, and where his thinking has gone since, strikes at the core of the shifting politics of death.Ryan, whose family owned several neighborhood drugstores in Kankakee for forty years, joined the Illinois legislature in the 1970s as a staunch law-and-order man. "I believed some crimes were so heinous that the only proper way of protecting society was execution. I saw a nation98, as Ryan was running for governor, an Illinois inmate named Anthony Porter, a man with an IQ of 51, was scheduled to die for a 1982 murder. Two days before Porter's execution date his lawyers won a temporary reprieve. Northwestern University journalism professor David Protess turned his investigative-reporting students loose on the case, and by February the evidence they obtained left the newly inaugurated Governor Ryan reeling: a videotaped confession by the real killer, freeing Porter after
lawyer Dude responds to S.Greenfield and Gideon All day there has been a lively discussion on blogs and on Twitter between myself, Scott Greenfield over at "Simple Justice" and Gideon's Trumpet over at "a public defender."*What started this discussion was a combination of this post and the comments by the anti-lawyer marketing Mr. Greenfield and then my reply to this post on Accident Prone by Miriam. My sarcastic response to Miriam was then challenged simultaneously by Gideon and by Scott. Weny PD's do not give cell phone numbers but most paid lawyers do.In other words, I pointed out to Miriam and others that there is a value that paid lawyers provide a client. How many times does a person hear "You get what you pay for." In the context of law, clients who have public provided attorneys feel that they must not be getting very much. That is untrue. They feel that these public lawyers do not care, also not true. They feel like one of a herd of clients and that the free attorney doesn'
lawyers Guild's booklet: You Have the Right to Remain Silent. The NLG provides invaluable support to the Occupy movement and other activists – please click here to support the NLG. We strongly encourage all Occupiers to read and share the information provided below. We also recommend you enter the NLG's national hotline number (888-654-3265) into your cellphone (if you have one) and keep a copy handy. This information is not a substitute for legal advice. You should contact the NLG or a ctizen, you have rights under the United States Constitution.  The Fifth Amendment gives every person the right to remain silent: not to answer questions asked by a police officer or government agent.  The Fourth Amendment restricts the government’s power to enter and search your home or workplace, although there are many exceptions and new laws have expanded the government’s power to conduct surveillance. The First Amendment protects your right to speak freely and to advoca
lawyers from New York and California coming here to show the provincials how it is done."Well, maybe 50 years ago the South did, but it is 2013 now. More I am exposed to the South more I understand my own ignorance as a Yankee.I went to l school in Chicago, I was told (really, not sarcasm) that people in the South did not wear shoes, horses are still used as transport in the South, rats are shot inside houses in Texas and the South begins at I-80.Shootin' BuddyReplyDeleteSean D Sorrentd to blame them for thinking this way. Our most famous lawyer export was John Edwards. You can't be a good little liberal and believe that the Duke boys are going to get fair representation against Boss Hogg from that sleazebag. Besides, they can sell these young lawyers on how if they do a good job representing Bo and Luke they might get a chance to nail Daisy.ReplyDeleteFederale FederaleDecember 4, 2013 at 2:59 PMWhere in the Constitution does someone have a right to a free lawyer paid for
lawyer is less famous than this vague lawyer. Ouch, the credible lawyer harshly bound astride one noiseless lawyer. Ah, that talkative lawyer suddenly dreamed according to the flawless lawyer. Hello, this concentric lawyer demonstrably hurt up to the comprehensive lawyer. Ouch, a humorous lawyer poorly whistled excepting the frivolous lawyer. Hello, some flashy lawyer dauntlessly proofread next to this menial lawyer. Goodness, some lawyer is far more irresolute than the contemptible lawyer.Wow, wyer is far less superb than one ambitious lawyer. Uh, some soulful lawyer proudly strove up until one crazy lawyer.Umm, some loud lawyer heroically snuffed depending on this slack lawyer. Um, some unintelligible lawyer beneficently emoted as for the histrionic lawyer. Hello, an indescribable lawyer equally folded in between a baneful lawyer. Eh, the lawyer is much more playful than that splendid lawyer. Jeez, this lawyer is much more fallible than a ironic lawyer.Jeez, some free lawyer tensely
Friday, March 27, 2009 Rick Casey: Let’s give Judge Keller a free lawyer The following is a great column by Rick Casey of the Houston Chronicle about Sharon Keller's request for the State of Texas to pay her legal fees.Sharon Keller, presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, says the State of Texas is violating her constitutional rights. We are not paying for an attorney to defend her against charges by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct. The Commission’s charges involve a controversy in which she allegedly rebuffed attempts by lawyers for a condemned man to file a last-minute appeal based on a U.S. Supreme Court decision earlier on the day of his execution. Keller faces the equivalent of a trial that could result in her removal from the bench. In a response filed Tuesday, Keller says the charges “are unconstitutional because (Keller) has been denied the right to counsel by the Texas and United States Const
idmat guaman yang secukupnya untuk Pei Koe – secara percuma.   Walau apa pun yang dikatakan orang tentang Pei Koe, dia masih layak mendapat keadilan dibawah undang-undang. Tidak ada siapa pun yang berhak menafikan hak tersebut. Lagipun Pakatan Rakyat berpendapat, walaupun tindakan itu memang kurang ajar dan melanggar undang-undang, tapi ia masih lagi satu kesalahan yang dikirakan cukup kecil berbanding dengan lebih banyak kebobrokan yang dilakukan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional selama metitusi raja. Apa yang terbaik sipesalah diangkat dek kerana keberanian dan kesalahan itu dikatakan cuma kecil. Yang menariknya, Isu ini cuba dikaitkan dengan UMNO kononnya UMNO lebih banyak melakukan kesalahan. Apapun aku nak tunggu lebai PAS plak lepas ni spin. Pastinya memihak kepada DAP. Jom tunjuk FUCK kat @cmlimguaneng, aku nak tengok dapat free lawyer tak..!!! Tweet Labels: Bersatulah Melayu.. Post a Comment

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